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New relationships are a dream come true. You don’t know your partner’s flaws yet, you haven’t been in a single fight, and you haven’t had any problems. Everything is perfect. Couples who manage to keep things fresh and monogamous months after they started dating deserve an applause.

It’s completely normal that some relationships reach their expiration date. Short attention spans, boredom, and an endless array of dating options are to blame for many relationships coming to an end so soon. Some relationships were meant to last forever and others only a few months. But what if you want your boyfriend to stick around? How can you keep him excited and on his toes? Today, our Westwood dating service will show you five secrets to keep him interested and make him fall for you again.

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1. Suggest Boys’ Nights Out

This is one thing many take for granted when they enter a relationship. You get so excited and wrapped up with your new boyfriend that you forget to plan your own nights out with friends—or worse, you start thinking that you don’t need your friends anymore. If you suggest—or better yet, encourage—your guy go out with his guys, that’s the last thing he’s going to expect from you. And you better believe he’s definitely going to appreciate it. This will also show him that you don’t have any jealousy issues and that you have your own life too.

2. Help Him Out

Everyone has a little maturing to do. We all live busy lives today, so we barely have time to make meals, hit the gym, clean the house, and run everyday errands. Why not be a great girlfriend and help him out around the house? For example, if you know he hates doing the dishes or taking out the trash, do those things while he gets a shower. Trust us, this will go a long way in showing him how wonderful you are and what a fabulous wife you’ll make someday.

3. Go on a Wine Tour

Though it can be argued that women are more into wine than men, this is still a wonderful date idea to try with him. There are many awesome wine tours in Los Angeles that will give you the perfect opportunity to spend an exciting day together. Wine tours are beautiful and romantic, thus explaining why many couples get married at vineyards. If your guy isn’t a wine lover, then why not suggest whisky tasting? If you suggest this date idea, your boyfriend is going to love it, believe us. Remind yourselves how silly you both were when you first started dating each other as you sip away on some delicious wine or whisky.

4. Give Him a Thoughtful Gift

No one is suggesting you get your boyfriend a BMW or Mercedes, but a thoughtful gift will show how much you care for him. Maybe he’s been hitting the gym lately, so why not get him some new gym gear? Or maybe you saw him eyeing up some loafers, why not surprise him and have them waiting for him the next time he comes over? The gift doesn’t have to be elaborate, believe us. Grabbing his favorite latte from Starbucks or surprising him with lunch will do the trick too.

5. Make a Commitment Together

No, not the commitment you’re thinking… Don’t get too ahead of yourself just yet. We’re talking about trying something different, something new you can do weekly, such as starting a new TV series or going on runs together before or after work a few times a week. Maybe you both gained a few pounds at all those summer barbeques, so why not push each other to work out together and eat healthier meals and snacks? This will show him that you’re reliable and can commit to the same plans every week. After all, no one likes a flake.

Follow these five relationship secrets from our Westwood dating service and your man will be head over heels for you again in no time.

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