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Most people learn about relationships from books, movies, TV shows and magazines. Without realizing it, people develop a set of ideas about what an ideal relationship looks like based on the ideas they’ve picked up from these resources over time.

The thing is, these ideas and relationship rules they lead to are detrimental to love.

It’s best to be alert and aware of how these rules can sabotage your relationship by creating unrealistic expectations what will only lead to a breakup down the road.

Today, our Santa Monica matchmakers are going to show you detrimental relationship rules every couple should ditch.

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1. Possessiveness is endearing.

Nope, it’s not. Trust us. It might look good on TV shows and movies but not in the real world.

If you had to live with someone who freaks out every time you look at the opposite gender or who prohibits you from interacting with other people – whether it’s your family, friends, or colleagues from work – you would soon start feeling like you’re in prison.

So if you or your partner is possessive, talk about it before things get worse in your relationship.

2. The man will always pay for the bill.

First of all, we are living in a century where women have equal earning capacity to men. And even if you earn less than him, expecting him to foot the bill all the time – whether for your combined or personal expenses – is not right.

After all, how can you say you are his equal and then hold onto such archaic idea that makes you look inferior?

Let go of this dating rules that is so old-school. It’s perfectly acceptable and expected for both partners to contribute in the relationship.

3. Never go to bed angry.

They say that partners should never go to bed angry because the longer the fights goes on, the bigger it gets.

Sorry to break it to you, but the truth is, taking a time-out can actually help. When you chose to take a timeout because your emotions are running high, you are actually doing your relationship a big favor.

It gives you plenty of time to cool down and get your emotions in check. Also, problems usually become more manageable the morning after things came to the surface. As long as you’re not giving each other the silent treatment, taking a little breather can be a good thing in resolving the conflict.

4. Use ultimatums to encourage positive change.

A lot of people have a habit of throwing ultimatums out there to encourage their partner to change for the better – ultimatums like choosing between them or their parents (because the in-laws interfere a lot in their private life) or choosing between them or playing video games all day long.

Unfortunately, this only ends up estranging them because no one wants to change when their partner is pressuring them to do so.

So if you have a bad having of giving ultimatums, ditch that awful relationship habit now. A lot of times, you just need to learn how to communicate properly to get the point across and encourage positive change. Never use threats to change your loved one.

5. When things go wrong try to make thing work.

Our parents and grandparents belong to a generation that didn’t believe in splitting up. So they stayed in bad relationships and marriages and said they were doing it because they valued the relationship.

The truth is, not all relationships can be saved.

It could because the two of you are not compatible to begin with, where one values truth and ethics above all else while the other believes it’s okay not to pay taxes for a year. Or it could be because your partner constantly says things that break down your confidence and makes you feel insecure. Either way, if you’re truly not compatible for the long term, why stay and try to make it work? You each deserve happiness.

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