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Figuring out whether your man is ready to commit is not an easy job. After all, his age, income, and previous relationships aren’t really indicators of whether or not he wants to settle down. So how is a woman supposed to know when a man is willing to commit?

As a Malibu dating service with nearly 30 years of experience bringing compatible people together, we know exactly what to look for to get your answer. If your man isn’t ready to settle down, he’ll display at least one or two of the characteristics below.

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1. He only made it official because you gave him an ultimatum.

You know what’s worse than pressuring a man to take the next step when he’s not ready to take it? Ultimatums. In our eyes, ultimatums are the worst thing you can do in a relationship. Men don’t do well with these feisty gestures. Men love to make their own choices and hate it when a woman gives them an ultimatum. If you gave your man an ultimatum and made him choose between making it official and losing you altogether, then you made him make that choice. He did not willing choose this himself. He is not ready to settle down with you and only took it to the next level because of your ultimatum.

2. He has a hard time committing to plans.

A guy who is ready to settle down will have no problem making plans with you, even if it is a few years from now because he has no intention of leaving you. A guy who doesn’t plan to stick around will be uncomfortable making future plans with you. He knows that committing in advance will make him stuck, and men who are afraid of commitment don’t like feel stuck.

3. He doesn’t talk about children.

He would rather do anything other than talk about children. He’ll either laugh it off, walk away, or stop paying attention to you altogether. He understands that having children is the biggest commitment in life, and it’s one he’s not ready for. Sure, some people don’t want to have children, and there’s nothing wrong with that! If the two of you have talked about it and are on the same page, then that’s fine. However, if you want children and see this guy as your forever but he avoids talking about children, then you have a problem because he’s not ready to commit.

4. He doesn’t want to share his finances.

He refuses to share his credit card with you and doesn’t let you see his bank statements. He has no interest in discussing a joint savings accounts. He keeps his finances completely separate from you and the relationship. You have no idea how much money he makes. You don’t even know if he owns any assets. Why does this matter? We’ll tell you why. When two people commit to a long-term relationship and join their lives together, sharing their finances is normal. Settling down is about building a life together, not separate.

5. He doesn’t have a stable career.

Does he always talk about quitting his job? Sure, some people change jobs, but only because they’re trying to get ahead in life. They’re moving forward, not backward. If he is not able to hold a job or is always moving from job to job, that shows not able to commit to anything in life. This should make you wonder what his priorities are; after all, a job is one of the most important things. If he can’t even commit to a job, he won’t be able to commit to a relationship.

Finding out that the man you’re with is not ready to settle down is painful. But it’s better to find out now rather than later down the road. If you realize your guy is merely stringing you along, it’s time to pull the plug.

If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded men in Los Angeles, contact our Malibu dating service today and let us make the introductions. Never again will you have to question the long-term intentions of men you date. We do a thorough screening and vetting process to ensure everyone is fit and ready for a serious commitment. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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