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So you finally decided to book a trip with your boyfriend.  Traveling with your boyfriend for the first time can be exciting and daunting at the same time.  For most couples, it’s the first time they’ll be together for 24 hours/day.  At first, it might sound like a perfect recipe for love: exploring new places together, trying out new things, and eating different foods.  But just like any trip, nothing ever goes as planned.

You might realize that your partner snores louder than a cow, which can be a real bummer if you’re a light sleeper.  You might realize that he is into extreme sports and never wants to sit still while you love relaxing and sitting on the beach.  Or worse, one of you could contract food poisoning.  Yikes!

Traveling together for the first time can either make or break your relationship.  If you don’t want this trip to be your last one together, you want to keep these five simple travel tips in mind.  Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers will show you the top five tips for traveling together for the first time.

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1. Do a Weekend Trial First

It’s tempting to book a 10 day vacation to the Bahamas while you’re still in the honeymoon phase, but you need to slow down a little.  If your trip doesn’t go as planned, you’ll have no choice but to endure the remainder of your expensive trip with someone you don’t want to be with.

To be on the safe side, our Los Angeles matchmakers encourage you to first do a trial run of a weekend trip together.  Make it short and sweet—2 to 3 days max.  You can either do a road trip to a nearby town or fly somewhere for the weekend.  If you can barely manage a weekend trip together, then you might want to think twice about taking a longer trip.

2. Don’t Go Camping Unless That’s Your Thing

Unless the two of you are both camping fanatics, camping shouldn’t be on your travel itinerary the first trip as a couple.  Camping will put even the strongest couples to the test.  Being cramped without your everyday conveniences sure is a lot of pressure, especially for a new relationship.  Stick to the traditional hotel accommodations for now.

3. Plan Your Activities in Advance

Planning your first trip together is essential.  Though there’s nothing wrong with being spontaneous, you can’t have a successful vacation unless it’s somewhat planned.  Choose a destination you’ll both enjoy and get an idea of the activities you both want to do.  After all, you’re still in the getting to know each other phase, so it’s best to talk things out to ensure you’re both on the same page and don’t encounter any arguments or surprises.

4. Don’t Forget to Discuss Money

Aside from planning your vacation activities, you also need to plan the budget.  You might think it’s petty to discuss this, but money is one of the main reasons couples fight.  You should agree on a budget before going on a vacation and try to stick to it.  You should also be sensitive if your new love interest makes less than you.  If you earn more than your boyfriend and you want to stay in a five star hotel, then you should cover the extra costs.

5. Try Something New

Don’t be the killjoy by saying no to every activity your boyfriend suggests.  If you’ve never tried kayaking, snorkeling, or deep sea fishing, then why not do it for the first time with your new guy?  Traveling is all about exploring new places and trying new things as a couple.  The activity doesn’t have to be death-defying, it can be as simple as trying a new cuisine you’ve never had a chance to try before.

Use these five helpful tips from our Los Angeles matchmakers and have the time of your life with your partner on your first couple’s vacation.  Happy & safe travels to you!

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