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Men can be very complicated creatures. Our Los Angeles matchmakers know this is especially true to the ladies they’re in a relationship with. When a girl is just their friend, they can be such scatter brains from an observer’s point of view. But if a girl starts dating a guy exclusively and finds herself in a committed relationship with him, she’ll notice a whole new world of things he does differently.

Let’s face it – guys can be gross at times, especially if they’re in their younger and more immature days. And if a girl happens to be in a relationship with one of them, she’ll see what we’re talking about here.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to show you the top things men do that scare women.

1. Playing Video Games “ALL” Day Long

Dating a gamer is one of the worst things a mature women can do. Some guys find video games to be so addicting and use them to escape some of the reality going on in their lives – like, oh, maybe being in a serious relationship?

You’ll literally have to pry him away from his controller on the weekends. We don’t have to tell you that this is going to be a huge pain in the rear. It’s his prerogative if he wants to waste his entire life playing video games at home, but you shouldn’t waste your time with him.

2. Poor Cleaning Habits

Guys aren’t the cleanest creatures in the world. And if you don’t believe us, ask any mother who happens to have a teenage son right now. And when they’re finally out of their parent’s house, their cleaning habits don’t change until they become more mature. And even then, some are still messy when they’re mature and older. You don’t want to have to keep picking up his gross gym clothes around his condo, and you shouldn’t have to be his second mother.

3. “Liking” Other Girls’ Pictures on Instagram

This can be a huge headache for a lot of women out there. While a lot of women are secure in their own skin and don’t care if their boyfriend “likes” other women’s pictures on Instagram, if he does it nonstop all day long, you have a huge problem at your fingertips.

This is especially true if it’s always the same woman’s pictures. In other words, you two have a serious discussion coming up.

4. Childlike Eating Habits

When you first started dating him, you may have found his out of control taste buds a little cute.

But now that you’re in a serious relationship with him, you’re wondering if you can get over the fact that he orders food from the child’s side of the menu or eats with his mouth wide open.

If he’s dead set in his ways, you may not be able to get him to change. This can be a huge headache for you – especially when you guys are out to eat at a nice restaurant. You can’t take him anywhere without being fearful and embarrassed of his food choices.

5. Being Late to Everything

This might not sound like something that would be a big deal. But don’t underestimate how someone’s bad habit of running late can take a toll on you. Showing up late to work can cause problems at work, especially if he’s running late to important meetings and presentations. But his tardiness can spill over into your life, as well. You’re going to have to spend a lot of time explaining why you’re always running late to social events and family get togethers.

Everyone has bad habits, but some habits are just more annoying and intolerable than others. These are the most common things men do in relationships that scare women away.

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