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The last thing you want is to miss your chance of being with the guy who is really interested in you and thinks of you as his queen. You could miss the chance if you fail to take the hints he gives about being the right one for him. Whether you two are exclusive yet or not, if he does these things, he’s clearly into you.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to show you the telltale signs he’s totally into you.

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1. He compliments you.

When he thinks you look good, he knows how to give you a compliment. And his compliments are not the half-truth type of compliments you’ve heard from other guys in the past. His words tell you exactly how he feels about you and make you feel absolutely loved. And he doesn’t just stop with compliments about your good looks. This guy tells you how funny, smart, and hardworking you are.

2. He wants you to meet his friends.

After seeing each other for some time, he invites you to one of his all-guys hangouts so that he can introduce you to all his friends. Who does that? A guy who is really, really into you and wants you to be a part of his life. If you’ve met his friends, that’s an awesome sign for you. Guys don’t introduce just anyone to their friends. He clearly plans on keeping you around.

3. He shows you off.

You see that glimmer in his eyes when he introduces you to his circle of friends, like he has something that other people don’t, and he is happy to keep it. That happiness on his face when he shows you off to the world shows the extent of his interest in you.

4. You are his favorite contact.

He has started texting and calling you more often. He texts you more than once a day and calls you when something comes up without hesitating. You have become his go-to person for everything. When he has a good day, you’re the first to know, and when he has a bad day, you’re his go-to, as well. He looks forward to sharing his life with you.

5. You will meet his family.

He wants you to meet all his family and is eager to bring you around. If you are ready, he wishes to make it official and wants everyone to know. This is the type of a guy who is serious about the relationship and is totally into you.

6. He listens to you.

Your choice matters to him. He is not a demeaning type of boyfriend who has a problem with everything you do. He respects your decisions and even lets you apply them in his life. He likes to watch the shows and movies you pick and loves to learn about your taste in music, food, and culture. Not only does he listen and respect you, but he loves learning from you.

7. He gives you gifts.

His gifts will always mean something. He will try his best to make you feel special by gifting you the most precious things that matters to you. He will get gift ideas from listening to your stories and past experiences. He really goes out of his way to show you how much he values you and everything you tell him.

8. You know everything about him

Guys don’t let just anyone in. If they don’t think you’re going to be around for a while, they simply won’t let you into their world. If he has let you into his life and has shared personal details with you, then he definitely likes you. If you have a connection on a deeper level, congrats to you. This guy is in touch with his emotions and not afraid of being vulnerable with you. Don’t let him get away.

So, you see, it’s not too hard to decipher when a guy is serious about you. Look for these behaviors and see where you stand with your guy.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded men in LA, contact our Los Angeles matchmakers today and let us help you find true love.

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