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Tired of striking out with men, no matter how hard you try? Frustrated with the LA dating scene? Sick of approaching guys and fluttering your eyelashes with no luck?

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Fret not, you’re not alone! Thousands of single women in Los Angeles are in the same nerve-wracking boat as you. They’re tired of striking out with men and are in need of a little help. As Los Angeles matchmakers with 30 years of experience in the fast-paced LA dating scene, we’ve got the insight you need. And we hope your besties got your back!

If you haven’t had any luck with the guys lately, you might need a little more help than you thought. You might need a wingwoman. That’s right, men aren’t the only ones who stand to gain from having a bit of assistance from a friend when it comes to dating.

But what can a wingwoman do for you? She can make all the difference in the world when it comes to striking up conversation with men. If you pick the perfect wingwoman, she can not only keep her eyes peeled for guys who are checking you out, but she can ease your nerves, pump you up, and help you strike up good conversation with men.

Yep, you read that right. A good wingwoman can be the difference between another lonely weekend pent up at home with Fluffy and an amazing night on the town with a smokin’ hot date!

So here you are, wondering whether you really are in need of a wingwoman… So how can you tell? If you can relate to any of these signs below, you need a wingwoman STAT!

1. You’re clueless when a guy is digging you.

Okay, we know it’s hard to tell when a guy is into you. After all, how do you know if he’s into you or just casually checking you out? Or worse, what if he’s just being polite and friendly? Of course, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself by coming on to someone who’s not into you. And this is where your wingwoman comes into play. She’ll step back and make the judgement calls for you.

2. You chase after the wrong men.

Do you always seem to chase after the same type of guys? We all have a type, and it’s hard to realize and admit it. But a good wingwoman will spot your type and help you avoid the endless cycle of chasing after them and wasting your time.

3. Your nickname is Nervous Nelly.

Do your friends all chuckle as they refer to you as Nervous Nelly? Approaching and talking to men is undoubtedly nerve-wracking for every woman. But if you’re known for being ultra-nervous around guys, then you’re in desperate need of a wingwoman to ease the tension. A good wingwoman will make you feel comfortable and confident while you’re out together and make it easier for you to approach guys.

4. You’re clueless on the approach.

Speaking of approaching guys… Really, you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to approaching men. Your friends might even tell you it’s painful to watch. But that’s where a wingwoman comes into play. She can walk right up to him and simply say hello. She can then smoothly introduce you and save you the stress of approaching him yourself. Let your wingwoman do the hard part of striking up conversation for you, then smoothly transition in and try to gain his attention yourself.

5. You prefer backup at the bars.

Well, this is generally the case with women. After all, who likes hitting up the bars and clubs alone? The bars are always more fun when you’re with your best gal pal and can enjoy each other’s company while you try to strike up conversation and meet new people. And even if you don’t see or meet anyone who catches your eye, you at least had some good laughs and a great time bonding with your bestie.

Okay, so we’re pretty sure you just checked off all five of those signs, right? Don’t worry, most women prefer having a wingwoman by their side to help them navigate the LA dating scene. After all, it’s much easier and tons more fun with your bestie by your side. Just make sure the woman you choose is single so she can join you at the bar as you try to meet the right guys. You ideally want to choose someone who fun, laidback, and outgoing so she can do the awkward part of approaching men and getting them intrigued in conversation.

Do you already have someone in mind?

Here are just a few more expert tips on how to choose the perfect wingwoman for the job at hand.

  • Someone who knows you very well.
  • Someone who is cool, calm, and collected under pressure.
  • Someone who can control their alcohol.
  • Someone who isn’t going to steal the man you’re interested in.
  • Someone who is honest and can tell you the truth without hesitation.

If you’ve been on a losing streak in the LA dating scene lately, then a wingwoman just might be your next best bet. If a wingwoman still can’t help you kick up your dating game, then it’s time to call in the pros!

If you’re ready to take your dating life to the next level, contact the best Los Angeles matchmakers and let us do the matching for you! Not only will we provide you compatible matches, but we’ll give you one-on-one dating coaching to ensure you’re at the top of your game.

To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.


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