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Here at LA Singles Dating Service, we know that many successful relationships have started with women who were 10 or even 15 years older than their partners. But we also know that, despite how accepted it is nowadays, not all women find it easy to date someone who’s younger than them.

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If you’re currently dating someone who is a few years younger than you, you need to consider all the potential ups and downs that can take place in your relationship. The better prepared you are, the betters your chances of success. Get ready to increase your likelihood for a happy and healthy relationship as our personal matchmakers here at LA Singles reveal important things to remember when dating a younger guy.

1. You’ll be more mature than him.

You’ve probably heard that women mature faster than guys, and this is true. In fact, a lot of women go for older men because they are already past their young and wild stage. If you’re looking to date a younger guy, he could be going through the wild and immature stage of his life. It could take a few years for him to get past the immature stage and develop into a more stable and reliable guy. Keep that in mind when you start dating a younger guy.

2. You’ll be at different places in life.

It can be hard to relate to someone who just came out of college or is just starting out on his career path while you’re already at the top of the career ladder. If you date a younger guy, remember that you’ll also be dealing with his comparative lack of life experience. Sometimes this can be refreshing and take you back to the days when you were just starting out, and it’s always fun to go on a trip down memory lane, right? But remember that it can also put a lot of pressure on you as it will be harder for you to relate to him. You might even begin to resent him.

3. His friends could be immature.

In other words, annoying and even a bad influence. If combining your social circles is something important for you, be aware that your younger boyfriend’s friends may truly act their age or even younger. There are plenty of younger men who act like full grown adults and are drawn to older women because they feel a deeper connection with them than they do with younger women. But if you decide to date one, just be aware that his friends won’t necessarily be as mature as him. If his friends are immature and constantly acting as bad influences on him, this could greatly affect your relationship.

4. He may not be ready for big relationships milestones.

If you’re ready to settle down and start a family, a guy who is five years younger than you might not be there just yet. Many women who feel that their biological clock is ticking run into relationship problems when their partners wants to spend a long time together before proposing or becoming parents. In other words, if your guy is younger than you, he may be in even less of a rush to get to that point. Of course, this relationship problem might not be a problem at all if you’re also in no hurry to start a family.

5. He might have less experience in relationships.

In some ways, this can be a plus since younger guys don’t have that extra baggage from past relationships. But they also don’t have any experience in creating or maintaining a meaningful relationship. If he doesn’t have any experience in a mature relationship, he won’t know how to handle any problems that come up. You will be the one in charge of making things work, which could get very frustrating and tiresome for you.

All in all, dating a younger guy can be a good thing for many women. But you must be fully prepared for all the challenges that could come your way.

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