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Lately, you’ve been questioning your partner’s emotional maturity and wondering if he’s ever been in a mature relationship.

Some guys, regardless of age, have never been in serious relationship. Maybe you got one of those guys, and our deepest sympathies go out to you if that’s the case.

Today, our LA matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service are going to show you signs your new boyfriend has never been in a serious and emotional relationship before.

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1. He doesn’t have a support system.

One huge red flag to watch out for is if your boyfriend doesn’t have a support system that consists of friends, family, or professionals. This mean they’re just sort of going along with the wind, not running things by others to get their input and advice. This could result in bad decision-making on your boyfriend’s part, or a lack of effort to keep any kind of relationship in life going. This equates to major trouble for you.

2. His communication isn’t good.

He doesn’t know how to properly communicate with you. Instead, he’s passive aggressive and avoidant. This is a huge indicator that he hasn’t learned how to sit down and have a mature conversation. It is clear he hasn’t been in a mature relationship before. This is unfortunate because communication is one of the most important elements of a relationship, which takes us to our next point.

3. He doesn’t know how to handle conflict.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to get into arguments with your partner. Most people can handle arguments and deal with them properly, but your partner handles conflict like a kid. He pulls the equivalent of stomping his feet to get what he wants. He refuses to see your point of view no matter how you say it. Inability to handle conflict is a bad sign because it means your problems will never really get resolved, which will lead to resentment and eventually a breakup.

4. He plays games.

Especially during the early stages of the relationship. He pretends he knows what he wants but changes his mind all the time. He does this because he’s insecure. This could pop up later in your relationship when he pretends to be fine when he’s really mad or upset. Games are popular with the emotionally immature guys.

5. He doesn’t know how to compromise.

When it comes down to a disagreement and the two of you need to find common ground, he struggles – big time. It’s like he’s utterly unable to compromise. Instead, he wants things to go his way – all of the time. Struggling to meet in the middle is a red flag that he’s emotionally immature.

6. He keeps scores and holds grudges.

A sure sign of an emotionally immature guy is keeping score and holding grudges. He doesn’t like to let things go, which is a crucial aspect of a relationship. You’re only human and you’re going to make mistakes. You can’t have a partner who doesn’t know how to let go of a mistake. You can’t be in a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t know how to forgive, forget, and move on without coming back to past issues all the time.

So how many of these warning signs do you see with your guy? Is he emotionally immature? Is he not fit to be in a serious relationship? Stop wasting your time!

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