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The complaints we hear from women are so many: men only care about looks, men only want to date younger women, men want this, and men want that.  The facts, on the other hand, seem to be scarce.  But as the best LA dating service, we actually do know what men desire in a woman.

Contrary to popular belief, men don’t just want a woman who is beautiful.  That won’t make them fall in love.  That’s just lust.  When a man truly meets his match, it’s more than just physical attraction.  So what do single men in Los Angeles really want in a woman?

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What Makes a Man Fall in Love?

If you’re one of the many single women in Los Angeles who is wondering what men really want in a woman, you don’t have to wonder anymore because our matchmakers are going to shed light on the top traits men look for in a woman.

1. A Fit & Healthy Woman

This means you need to take care of yourself.  Being healthy isn’t just about having a six pack.  It’s about taking pride in yourself.  Vanity is a huge turn off to men, but being able to love yourself is a whole other thing.

When a man sees a healthy and beautiful woman, he’s naturally programmed to notice her.  But it goes beyond looks.  It’s about how she presents herself.  A woman who loves herself and takes pride in who she is will always attract men.

2. Similar Interests

If a man finds a woman with similar interests as his, then he’ll find her to be very attractive.  Common ground makes for very interesting conversation and makes dating so much easier since the two of you will have a lot in common.  The relationship will also be better since both of you can make lasting memories together by doing the things you enjoy as a couple.

3. Emotional Attraction

The number one thing men want in a woman but never outright admit (unless they’re mature), is the ability to be accepting.  A woman who is immature is not relationship-worthy.  Men don’t want a woman who always picks a fight over absolutely everything, gossips, and badmouths everyone.

4. Self-Confidence

If you’re mean, put everyone down, and feel like you’re on top of the world, then you’re not confident.  You’re conceited.  Sorry, but that’s the truth.  Men won’t come near you.  On the other hand, being confident means knowing who you are.  It means being secure in yourself and not needing others’ approval but also being compassionate enough to listen.  This makes a man happy for you and happy to be around you.

Men are not as complicated as women make them out to be.  They might be programmed to spot beautiful women, but beauty isn’t all they want in a woman.  Men want to fall in love with a woman they can share their thoughts with, make memories with, and enjoy their life with.  Men want a smart and confident woman with a kind heart—someone who can stand her own ground but doesn’t put others down.  If you’re one of the many single women in Los Angeles who is struggling to find love, then you might want to acquire these qualities now to attract men your way.

Now that you know the top four traits single men in Los Angeles look for in a woman, are you going to use them to your advantage and implement them in your dating life?  We sure hope so.

If you’re single and looking for love, contact the best LA dating service and let our matchmakers introduce you to quality single men in Los Angeles who are compatible with you.  We do the hard part of dating for you so you can simply show up and enjoy meeting compatible, relationship-worthy men who are a good fit for you.

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