How to Be Beautiful: 5 Tips for Single Women in Los Angeles

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For some people, being beautiful is about having a flawless face and a ripped body.  But for most people, that’s unachievable.  Everyone is born with flaws—crooked teeth, imperfect skin, and a little extra weight around the waistline.  But once you understand how to overcome your insecurities and feel confident, beauty will never be out of reach.

For many single women in Los Angeles, coming to terms with their looks can be very difficult.  There are so many outside influences, especially here in larger-than-life “Tinsel Town.”  Billboards, magazines, TV shows, and movies tell us what beauty is supposed to be.  But we must remember that in reality, we don’t always have access to expensive personal trainers, makeup artists, top beauty salons, spa treatments, and even plastic surgeons.  Most of the photographs you see have been altered, so those models don’t really look like that.

However, there are a few things you can do to be beautiful and truly shine from within?  Want to become more attractive?  You’re at the right place!  Today, our LA matchmakers will show you five matchmaking secrets to become beautiful, confident, and truly radiant so you can shine bright in the LA dating scene.

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1. Work with What You Have

First thing’s first, ladies: stop fighting the things you can’t control.  Unless you’re able to save up a lot of money, you’re going to have to live with your nose and lips—and everything else.  But who cares?  Everyone has some great features and some they don’t really like.  Accept who you are instead of battling it because this will make it much easier for you to feel confident and secure in yourself as a woman.  That’s right, it’s time to get over your flaws and start loving yourself and all you have to offer.

2. Dress for Your Body Shape

You’re a beautiful woman already, so it’s time to accentuate the good parts and conceal the ones you don’t like.  Wear outfits that fit your body shape and your style.  You need to wear clothing that flatters you and makes you feel like a million bucks.  If you don’t know your body shape, visit a local boutique to get measured and ask for some helpful advice.  Once you know your shape and true size, buy well-fitting clothes that flatter you.

3. Get a Good Haircut

A good haircut can make a woman feel like a million bucks.  If you truly want to know how to be beautiful and stand out from the rest, splurge on a good hairdresser who really knows their stuff, then watch how they can transform your entire look.

4. Take Care of Your Skin

Good skin will make you look healthy, give you a glow, and make you instantly attractive to men.  If you have spotty, pale, dull, or oily skin, then it’s time to get into a good skincare routine.  One of the biggest and most visible secrets in knowing how to be beautiful is simply taking good care of your skin.  Keep your skin clean, fresh, and well moisturized at all given times.  PS: Never forget to wipe away your makeup before going to bed.

5. Get Plenty of Exercise

Okay, so we can’t all have the perfect body with ripped abs, but being fit and toned will make you feel and look healthier, more confident, and more attractive to the opposite sex.  There has to be some kind of sport you like, right?  If you’re not already working out and don’t know what interests you, it’s time to explore your options.  Taking up an exercise class, joining a gym, or even going for walks every day will do wonders for your body and spirits and help you lose those extra pounds around your waistline.  Even if you don’t need to lose any weight, working out is a great way to get healthy and boost your mood.

These five expert tips from our LA matchmakers will help you look and feel more beautiful in no time.  If you’re struggling with your confidence, now you know how to be beautiful and shine from within.

If you’re like many single women in Los Angeles who has a busy schedule and no time to look for dates on her own, contact our LA matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality single men in LA who are compatible with you.  We’ll give you guidance and dating coaching every step of the way to ensure you reach your dating goals.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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