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Although first impressions aren’t always an accurate representation of who we are as a person, they’re a way for people to create an idea of who we are. While the holidays are meant for being thankful and giving presents, there tends to be a lot of stress associated with the holidays. Our Encino matchmakers know this is especially true if you will be meeting your partner’s family for the very first time.

From wondering how many servings of sweet potatoes you can eat in your new outfit (that took you a full month to choose) to worrying how you’ll manage to hold a steady conversation with mom and dad, it’s tough. After all, you don’t want to show up overthinking everything. However, you also don’t want to look ill-prepared for such an important event, like meeting the family on Christmas.

In order to find the ideal balance, our Encino matchmakers have some expert tips for you.

Tips for Meeting the Family on Christmas

Today, our expert Encino matchmakers are going to reveal expert tips for meeting your partner’s parents this Christmas.

1. Learn about them beforehand.

The key to a successful first meeting isn’t knowing the scenario that’s coming. Instead, it’s preparing for any possible situation that could come your way. To gain insight on your partner’s family, ask him or her questions. Does your significant other’s dad have a strict and uptight personality? Are they a family who loves to joke around?

Whereas you shouldn’t feel the need to change who you are to fit your partner’s family, the gesture of learning about them in advance will help you stay calm during the first meeting this Christmas.

Take the time to ask your partner what they think you should know about their family. Focus on individual family members and try to find similarities with them. Don’t feel shy for wanting to know more about them. Believe us, the fact that you’re trying means that you care about creating a relationship with them.

2. Be ready for small talk.

Before you set out to rehearse your careful summary of the last few years of your life, take a deep breath. Even though it’s a smart idea to have topics ready to go, allow the conversation to flow naturally. Furthermore, by having open-ended questions at hand, you’ll feel more at ease with the conversation at the dinner table this Christmas.

3. Be mindful of your outfit.

There’s a time and place for little black dresses… And Christmas dinner at your partner’s house isn’t the day. We know this ensemble is considered classic, but it could also be a reason for unnecessary judgments from those who are a little bit on the traditional side. After all, the goal of this celebration is not to be scandalous – but to be more sophisticated. Thus, you need to play it safe with your outfit.

You should always follow this rule. If you have to question if you should wear it, don’t. You should also ask for your partners opinion. Plan your outfit in advance in case you need to buy something for the big day.

Meeting the family on Christmas is nerve-wracking, to say the least. But follow these tips from our Encino matchmakers and try not to stress it too much. Just get to know their family through your partner’s eyes, be prepared, and be on your best behavior. Trust us, we know you’ll do just fine.

Are you spending the holidays with your partner’s family for the first time? We wish you the best! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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