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Our Culver City matchmakers know that first dates are very complicated. We expect the worst, or we have too high of expectations. We wait for a call or a text to come in. We wonder if we are getting ghosted or if they just don’t want to appear too eager. So how do you figure out all the games, clues, and signs a first date went well?

You can start from the first meeting, the date itself, or really any part of the night after the first introduction. There are quite a few elements of a first date that clue you into the signs of a great first date.

Today, our Culver City matchmakers are going to reveal the top signs a date went well. If you’re questioning if your recent first date went well, keep an eye out for these clues.

1. The first reaction was great.

Whether meeting for the first time or not, when you first arrive to a date, that reaction tells you everything you need to know. The look on your date’s face will say everything. Are they scared? Are they nervous? Are they happy? Are they barely paying attention?

When you first walk into a restaurant, open the front door, or walk up to them at the bar, that reaction will make you feel how they feel. It’s your job to decipher the feelings they’re conveying.

2. You stayed later than planned.

So you only planned to grab coffee or share a few drinks together but ended up staying for a while. You ended up talking and hitting it off to the point that you extended the date. You wouldn’t stay late to spend time with someone you didn’t click with, right? If they didn’t like you, they would have an excuse to leave the date, just like you would. If you extended the date, even just by a little, that’s a great sign things were going well.

3. You both had a great time together.

Laughing a lot during a first date is always a good sign. But make sure you are both laughing or else it doesn’t mean the same thing. Laughing is a universal sign of happiness and fun. And if your first date together included a lot of laughing, then it definitely went well.

4. You felt the connection.

This is not as much of a surefire thing as qualitative moments, but a spark can mean a lot of things. Feeling that unspoken thing that just can’t be explained truly means a lot. But it can be one-sided from time to time.

If you felt that feeling not just overall, but at certain points of the date, that’s great too. If you locked eyes and had a really good connection, the first date was great.

5. They want to see you again.

This one goes without saying. This is a very obvious sign of a great first date. If the dated ended with one of you saying you want to do this again and the other person agreed, there’s no doubt that you hit it off. Why would anyone want to go out with you again if they didn’t actually like you?

No one wants to go out on a second date with someone they didn’t click with.

Determining how your first date went isn’t as hard as you think. Just think back to how you felt and the reactions you got from them. Did you hit it off? Did you extend the date? Did you both smile and laugh a lot? Did you make plans to get together again?

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