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The Los Angeles dating scene is fast-paced and overwhelming, so it’s no wonder you’re feeling anxiety ridden on first dates. After all, you only get one chance to make a good impression. If you’re like many singles in Los Angeles, this pressure leads you to be anything but cool on your dates. So how can you relax and come off the right way? How can you simply have a good time and leave them wanting more? How can you come off as calm, cool, and collected when you’re nothing but a ball of nerves inside?

Fret not! As the best Beverly Hills matchmaking service, we’ve helped many singles in Los Angeles do exactly that. And although it will take some time, practice, and skills, it’s not unachievable. If you’re ready to take your dating life to the next level, read on as our Beverly Hills matchmakers teach you the ultimate tips to rock your first dates.

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1. Don’t Focus on It Too Much

The very best way to overcome your first dates nerves is to take a few deep breaths and relax. Let your mind rest from all those questions and worries about your date and how you’re coming off in their eyes. The more you focus on trying to say and do all the right things, the more totally ‘uncool’ you look.

People easily pick up on cues that you’re feeling nervous – or worse, that you’re trying to be so cool and perfect that you’re not being yourself. Stop worrying about every word that comes out of your mouth and just be yourself. Don’t worry about hiding the fact that you love nothing more than curling up on a Friday night with a cup of tea and a good book. Don’t worry if you’re not a gym rat like your buff – and clearly, gym addicted – date.

If you mesh, you mesh. And if not, then it’s simply not meant to be. But you never want to try so hard to impress your date that you end up being anyone but yourself. If your date picks up on this, you can kiss a second date goodbye. Why? Because nobody wants to be with someone who is so insecure they can’t be themselves.

2. Let Your Confidence Shine Through

Have you ever seen a guy fawning all over a woman who is so shy and insecure she hangs her head low and can’t make eye contact? No! Absolutely not. Everyone – guys and girls – want to date someone who is secure and confident in themselves.

Even if you have to fake it until you make it, hold your head high (not too high that you come off as arrogant), make good eye contact when you talk, and walk and sit with confidence. One of the best ways to show your confidence is merely to flash a big smile when you first greet your date. This not only shows that you’re confident, warm, and friendly, but it also sets a wonderful tone for the date.

3. Don’t Overdo the Self-Advertisement

Sure, we want you to be yourself and to be confident, but we don’t want you going overboard. Go ahead and share a few things about yourself, but never read like an open book. You want to leave your date wanting more. And how do you do that? By being a little mysterious.

Of course, you need to open up and share about your life, but you don’t want to rattle off all your fabulous qualities like you’re an overeager car salesman making a deal. You want to let them get to know you layer by layer, just a little bit at a time. We know you have accomplished many great things in life, but let them find out themselves without you dishing it all out for them.

At the same time, you also don’t want to delve into negative aspects of your life. You don’t need to tell them about your work drama, your alcoholic brother, or even the ex that used to stalk you. Keep your dates lighthearted and leave the heavier stuff for later down the road.

If you want to be cool and intriguing on your upcoming dates, use these tips from our professional matchmakers and watch how your romantic life takes a turn for the better.

If you’re one of the many singles in Los Angeles who’s struggling to find the right partner on their own, contact the best Beverly Hills matchmaking service and let us do the matching for you.

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