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Breaking up with someone is hard no matter how slice it. However, getting through one that was particularly traumatic can be very difficult. Knowing how to get over a break up can help you move on fast and start feeling good again.

There’s no need to sit in your room and cry all night long while devouring ice-cream pints like they’re going to help you heal from your broken heart. Although tasty and comforting, ice-cream isn’t really a cure for a breakup.

How to Get Over a Bad Breakup

If you’re going through a bad breakup right now, don’t panic. We have some helpful tips that will allow you to move on from those toxic feelings so you can start living and enjoying your life once again.

Today, our Beverly Hills matchmakers will show you how to get over a bad breakup and start feeling alive and well again.

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1. Let it all out.

It’s okay to feel sad. In fact, it’s best to feel how you feel and let it all out. Don’t hold your feelings in. That’ll just make things worse. So if you feel sad, let it all out. Cry and scream and lose yourself in your tears, but only do so for a small amount of time. Once it’s out, leave it there and move on.

2. Then let it all go.

Getting upset about it over and over again won’t help you get on with your life. It’s best to just let it all out and let it all go. Once you’ve had your good cry and you’ve felt the pain, let it go from there.

Don’t let yourself continuously fall into the trap of getting sad about it and over again to the point of tears and sorrow. Be sad and then keep going.

3. Talk to someone.

We all need to talk to someone about what’s going on in our lives. Getting it all out to a trusted friend, family member, or even a therapist is a great way to heal from a bad breakup.

Not only is it nice to just let someone else know what’s going on in your head, but it’ll also help to get someone else’s perspective. They could offer you helpful insight you may not have received if you never talk to anyone.

4. Get rid of anything that reminds you of them.

Now is not the time to through the photos albums on Facebook and wear their hoodie to bed. Now is the time to get rid of all their stuff. Throw it all away. Give it back to them if you have to. You can even donate it to a shelter.

The point is to keep yourself from thinking about them and what you had together. If you want to know how to get over a bad breakup, you need to remember that there’s no point in keeping their belongings. Toss their belongings and get them out of sight so you are not tempted to go through them.

5. Know that it’s not the end of your love life.

It’s easy to think that just because one love ended that you will never find love again. No more love for you. That’s just not the way it works.

You need to remember that love is still out there waiting for you. In fact, there’s better love coming for you. After all, you deserve something better – someone who truly loves you. And the more you focus on getting through this breakup, the quicker you will find it.

Breakups are tough, and we’re not denying that. The key is to deal with everything in a mature and healthy way. Follow these five simple tips from our Beverly Hills matchmakers and get on your way to shaking your breakup blues in no time.

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