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It’s true that you need to run away the second a guy puts his hands on you, pushes you, or threatens you. But you should also think twice about being with a guy who emotionally abuses you. When he starts calling you names or makes you feel inferior to him, you’re only at the start of it.

Do you question the health of your relationship? Do you feel like your partner is sucking the life out of you? Have you lost touch with the person you used to be?

5 Warning Signs He’s Emotionally Abusive

If you think your partner is causing you emotional pain and suffering? Today, our Beverly Hills matchmakers will reveal the top warning signs you’re being emotionally abused by him. If you notice any of these signs, don’t overlook them. It’s time you start taking care of yourself and do what’s best for you. It’s not healthy to be in a relationship with any kind of abuse, physical or emotional.

1. He always makes jokes about you.

A light joke every now and then is harmless, unless he keeps doing it when he knows he shouldn’t. However, it becomes abusive for him to literally poke fun of you in front of others or make you feel down about yourself while getting a laugh himself. When you tell him to stop, a good guy will stop right away.

If every time you’re around other people he can’t wait to belittle you and put you down, it’s time to get out. Don’t let him peck away at your self-esteem.

2. He’s derogatory towards you.

Even if you’re not offended by the words he chooses, it’s still offensive when your boyfriend uses derogatory terms towards you. A couple abusive terms include “loser” and “dummy.” Anything that paints you out to be a villain or someone of low intelligence is just unhealthy. There are better ways to communicate with each other.

And it doesn’t have to be digs at your intelligence. He could poke fun at your weight, your job, your sense of style, etc. If he’s always getting in digs, it’s time to ditch him before you lose all confidence in yourself. That is if you haven’t already.

3. He yells at you all the time.

Some people yell in order to get their point across. Others yell at the top of their lungs no matter what. No matter the reason, yelling is a power play and makes the recipient feel like garbage. If your relationship hasn’t matured enough to get past yelling and communicate in a health way, don’t overlook it. It’s nothing to sweep under the rug.

You need to talk to him and let him know you don’t like it when he yells and raises his voice all the time. And if he refuses to admit that he does it, then it’s possible that he is abusing you emotionally. On the other hand, if he owns up to it and says he didn’t realize he did it or that it bothered you, that’s a start. If he says he’ll work on lowering his voice from now on, then he really might not have realized he was doing anything wrong.

4. He puts down the way you look.

When he was chasing you, he was filled with compliments about your looks. But now that he has you, it seems like he can only put you down. It’s nice to know what your partner’s preferences are, but if he is always questioning why you wear certain things or tells you that you’d look better a certain way, he’s being mean. If he goes on to tell you that you need to lose weight or change your look, then you need to break up with him.

5. He makes you feel like a child.

Even if you’re older than him or more successful than him, he pulls moves to make you feel as if you were a child. For example, he tells you where you’re going to celebrate your anniversary without asking for your input – and not in a loving and surprising way. He even controls your diet based on what he wants to eat. Don’t be fooled – you should always have a say in your relationship.

How many of these warning signs do you see in your relationship? Is your guy emotionally abusive with you? Don’t stick around another day. You deserve to be with a guy who lifts you up and bring light to your life, not someone who sucks the happiness out of you.

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