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As the leading Beverly Hills dating service, our professional matchmakers know it better than anyone. When you’re starting to date someone new, everything is wonderful.

You’re still learning about each other, experiences are all new and exciting, and you’re caught up in the best part of a new relationship – you don’t care about anything else in the world except the new relationship.

But sometimes, the person we’re dating doesn’t want to move as fast as we want move.

This can make you question his true intentions and if he’s really serious about you and the relationship.

Today, the leading Beverly Hills dating service, Los Angeles Singles, will show you the top reasons why guys take things slow.

Top 5 Reasons Guys Take It Slow

1. He’s afraid she’ll lose interest.

When you meet someone new, you want the exhilarating feeling to last as long as possible. Feeling those great, out-of-this-world feelings of a new relationship as long as you can is very important. You want to relish in every second of your new relationship.

Understandably, the excitement of a new relationship can soon become a routine. If your guy tells you that he wants to take things slow, he may be afraid that you’ll get bored in the relationship and potentially lose interest in him.

2. He is going through something in his life.

Unfortunately, even when we think we know someone very well, we may not always know everything that’s happening in their lives. Some people may be more reserved than others and would prefer to keep certain things to themselves. This is especially true during the early stages of a relationship.

Providing for someone else and a relationship requires giving it all you have. It means providing as much emotional support as you can give. If you’re going through something difficult in life, it can be tough to focus your attention on your new relationship. If your guy is honest about something he’s going through, let him handle it his way. Let him know you’re there for him but that you’re not pushing anything on him. Trust us, he’ll be back when he’s ready.

3. Friendship is on his mind.

Honestly, the thought of friendship with someone you really like can be a huge drag. Ugh, what a disappointment. We get it. But try to keep an open mind. Starting a friendship can allow for you to create a strong foundation for the relationship.

Starting a potential relationship by keeping it strictly on a platonic level can allow you to approach the relationship in a level-headed way. If he’s been hurt in the past, he may want to take things super slow by keeping it very friendly in the beginning. Once he gets to know you and gets a better feel for your intentions, he may open up to the idea of dating. This is especially true if he has trust issues. t

4. She reminds him of his ex.

Now, this could be a tough situation. Your guy might want to take things slow because you remind him of his ex. No matter how big or small the reminder may be, having similarities can potentially feel really uncomfortable for him.

Allowing the relationship to progress slowly will give him the time to get over this reminder of his ex completely. Hopefully it’s something that will fade away so that your love can bloom.

5. He’s Too Busy with Other Important Commitments

As disheartening and unfortunate as it may be, sometimes a guy realizes that he just doesn’t have the time for a girlfriend. Perhaps your guy is too busy with other commitments and doesn’t want to let you down. He knows you deserve a lot of time, effort, and dedication, something he just can’t fully give you at this time. Whether he’s going back to school, trying to get a promotion he’s been working hard for, busy with hobbies and interests, or even caring for a family member, he knows he can’t put in the time and effort a relationship would take.

But don’t fret. As long as you are understanding – not demanding – he will remember when he finally frees himself up.

There are many reasons a guy may want to take things slowly, some good, some bad. Hopefully your guy is moving things along slowly to ensure you build a good foundation for your relationship.

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