10 Reasons Online Dating in Los Angeles Is So Miserable

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Do you remember the good old days when you actually had to meet someone face-to-face to see if there was a connection? Well, if you haven’t dated in ten years, you’re in for a rude awakening. Thanks to the internet, dating has completely lost its appeal.

If you’re one of the many singles who’s dabbling in the world of online dating in Los Angeles, then you might be encountering firsthand how miserable and frustrating it can be. But it’s not your fault, it’s just the way it goes today.

Let our Los Angeles matchmakers show you the real reasons online dating is so frustrating for love-seeking singles in LA.

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1. Accidentally Swiping Left When You Meant to Swipe Right

Oops! You just skipped over a very attractive person you know nothing about but swear they were your soul mate. Now they’re lost forever because you were too quick with your finger. Yet those who you intentionally swipe left on keep coming back to you. Ugh!

2. Accidentally Swiping Right When You Meant to Swipe Left

Now, this very unattractive person who you know nothing about (and definitely don’t want to run into) thinks you’re into them. Or they at least think you find them attractive. You just can’t seem to win!

3. Running Out of People to Swipe Over

You know you spend too much time on Tinder when you actually run out of people to swipe. There’s no way around this one.

4. Having Endless Options

You thought someone was very attractive. But the next person that pops on your screen is even better. And the next one is even better than the last! Well, you see where we’re going here, right? You can’t believe your eyes. But it’s true: online dating sites provide singles with too many dating options.

5. It Breeds Dishonesty

How do you know he’s really single? How do you know she’s only 35? Oh, you’ll know when you meet them in person and they look nothing like their profile picture, and they’re twenty pounds overweight and older than they claimed to be.

6. Unwanted Sexting

He promised up and down that he’s not looking for a hookup or casual relationship, so you tell yourself you finally found your prince. But as soon as you give him your number, he starts bombarding you with penis pictures. Yikes! That’s the horrific world of online dating.

7. Nowhere to Go on Dates

You have a few safe first date spots close to your home. But since you’ve been dating a lot and going to those places frequently, everyone is starting to recognize you as that person from Tinder. You are starting to get a reputation in the area, and that’s not the look you want to give.

8. No Responses from Your Matches

You finally found someone you think is going to be the one. The only problem is that they’re not responding to you. But why? Because they found someone better on Tinder.

9. Say Goodbye to Anonymity

Remember the good old days when you could meet someone at the bar, and if you didn’t like them you’d never hear from them again? Well, that’s not the case with Tinder or dating sites because they’ll have your information forever and contact you even after you turn them down. Unfortunately, if the two of you have mutual friends, this person might even reach out to your friends and become your next crazy stalker.

10. Dates Are Too Far

Every promising match seems to be too many towns over. Does that mean you actually have to relocate the date or travel two hours to see someone?

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